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CityCorp’s Mission CityCorp is a partnership of 6 Rotterdambased housing associations. They own, manage and develop a wide range of residential products in downtown Rotterdam and the surrounding neighborhoods. CityCorp believes that the number of homes in downtown Rotterdam should be increased substantially. The current 15,000 must grow to at least 21,000. CityCorp wishes more residential and mixed-use development both in downtown Rotterdam as in the adjacent communities. Downtown Strategies: Rotterdam is committed to expanding its downtown housing stock. The expansion is needed to make downtown Rotterdam not only a working city, but also a desirable place to live. At present, the resident/job ratio is 1: 3, which is unusual for Dutch city centers. Increasing the number of residents can put Rotterdam’s center back into balance. Stimulating the residential function in the area will prevent downtown to remain merely a “Nine-to-Five” center. Shops and other amenities in the inner city are currently struggling for more business. New residents will make the area more lively — and safer — in the evening hours. Increasing the number of residents, and thus patrons, will help local shops and other facilities to remain viable and expand their enterprises. CityCorp wishes to make downtown Rotterdam known and appreciated as a place to live. A more varied housing typology will attract people with different backgrounds, needs, and tastes.



Cool Zuid is an attractive, mixed-use downtown community. It is a popular destination to live, work, shop, dine and visit galleries. The Baan quarter, part of Cool Zuid, is planned as redevelopment zone. The plans envision building on the success of the adjacent arts and retail street Witte de Withstraat, an incubator environment for small entrepreneurs and artists. Baan has several aging properties. The city has drafted an urban design master plan for the area. Several development consortia have been invited to respond to the city’s vision. In line with its mission, CityCorp has endorsed the city’s goal of increasing the housing stock. CityCorp has emphasized the need to invest in the build environment and public space. Ground-fl oor spaces need to be designated for public uses. CityCorp’s vision is a neighborhood with new residential products for urban families, active seniors and urban professionals. Community Center Cool CityCorp has proposed to develop a multifunctional community service center in the Cool Zuid neighborhood, which will become a new heart for the community. Community Center Cool will be a meeting place for different communities and networks in the neighborhood. The activities and amenities are targeted at all residents: families, juniors, seniors, artists, and people with physical disabilities. Community Center Cool (CCC) will offer residents a broad range of services and amenities: an elementary school, child-care, pre- and after school programs, medical and community services. The CCC building will be home to class rooms, meeting places, a gym & fi tness facility, a restaurant, kindergarten, offi ces, multi-media facilities, arts & crafts activity rooms, workshops, theater stage, exposition and meeting spaces. A signifi cant housing development for assisted senior citizens will complete the project. 

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